Real-Time Debt Collection Investigative Reports and Individualized Support Services.

Debtor Inspector is your single-source solution for all your Skip Tracing, Asset Search, Business Credit Reports, and Address Verification needs. No Minimums. No Contracts. Cancel At Any Time. Need help with your investigation? Ask us about our Support Services.
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The Debtor Inspector Experience

Our 3 “S” Formula for Success:

Software + Strategy + Support = Successful Debt Collection

For over 20 years, Debtor Inspector has provided up-to-date intelligence, strategy, and individualized support services to debt collectors, from multiple industries.

Unlike other debt-collection intelligence providers who gather their information from a few sources, Debtor Inspector’s proprietary software consolidates and verifies data from over 2,777 public and private debt-collection intelligence sources.

As a result, we are able to provide data on millions of individuals including under-banked and low-credit score consumers, and businesses.

In addition to our proprietary software, we also offer Support Services to ensure you find the debtors, individuals, and companies you seek.

Trusted By:

"Software is only as good as the strategy, experience, and people behind it."

- Gene Sacco, Founder of Debtor Inspector

The Debtor Inspector Difference

Multiple Investigative reports - All in one place!

Debtor Inspector provides real-time Skip Tracing, Asset Search, Commercial Credit Reports, and Address Verification all in one place!

Save time from cross-referencing outdated data, and save money by using a single source of intelligence for all your debt collection needs.

Real-Time Data

Unlike other debt collection intelligence providers who update their data every 30, 60, or 90 days, Debtor Inspector updates its records DAILY so that you can get the most accurate information on the individuals and companies you are looking for.

Catered vs. Corporate Approach

Large debt collection intelligence providers who offer a "DIY" software solution are often unable to answer your questions due to the volume of customers they deal with on a daily basis.

Here at Debtor Inspector, we take pride in answering questions (no matter how big or small) and helping our clients to "connect the dots" during their investigation. If you require ongoing assistance, feel free to ask us about our customized support services.

100 % U.S.A based

From our executive leadership to our data and support teams, ALL of Debtor Inspector's employees are based right here, in the United States.

We guarantee you will never be transferred to someone overseas to get the help you need.


Flexible Pricing

No minimums. Pay only for what you need!
Here at Debtor Inspector, we don’t lock you into any terms or minimums. You can cancel our services at any time.

We also provide custom pricing and offer subscriptions at a substantial discount for clients with high-volume needs.

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Largest database of under-banked and low-credit score consumers

Reduce risk and gain insight into potential payment challenges with our database which consists of millions of under-banked and low-credit-score consumers, and companies.

Do your business due diligence with Debtor Inspector!

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Our Mission

Debtor Inspector exists to help businesses maximize their bottom-line profits by reducing loss, managing risk, and by finding their debtors’ hidden money and assets.