Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

No. Debtor Inspector is NOT a collection agency.

Debtor Inspector provides intelligence reports and individualized support services to people looking to locate Debtors, Individuals, and Companies.

No. Debtor Inspector is mostly used to gather information on individuals and companies who owe you money (aka “Debtors”).

However, Debtor Inspector’s Skip Trace services can be used to find missing individuals as well as companies who may have changed their name or relocated for a variety of reasons.

Debtor Inspector reports can also be utilized to perform “Business Due Diligence”.

Suppose you are looking to do business with an individual or company. In that case, Debtor Inspector can tell you how stable their financial health is, as well as if they’ve encountered any judgments, liens, lawsuits, or bankruptcies.

If you own a business, you can use Debtor Inspector’s services to gain insight into the type of individual or business you may be dealing with.

Debtor Inspector’s services can best be described as a hybrid of “SaaS” and “RaaS”.

Similar to “SaaS” (i.e. Software as a Service) providers, Debtor Inspector’s proprietary software consolidates and verifies data from over 200 public and private sources into easy-to-read reports. We then offer these
“Reports-as-a-Service” (“RaaS”) to anyone looking to do an investigation on a Debtor, Individual, or Company.

Debtor Inspector currently provides the following reports:

  • Skip Trace
  • Asset Search
  • Commercial Credit Reports
  • Address Verification

Additionally, Debtor Inspector provides individualized support services to anyone who needs help with their investigation.

Whether you have a couple of questions, need someone to assist you on a large or complex case, looking for ongoing support, or are searching for an outsourced Accounts Receivable solution, Debtor Inspector’s Support Services are available to guide and help you with your investigation and collection needs.

If you’re looking to collect money, Debtor Inspector offers support services that act as an alternative to a collection agency.

Most collection agencies operate like a sales organization where account managers get paid a commission on the accounts they collect on.

Depending on the agency, this may or may not benefit the client.

This is because account managers are incentivized to go after the “low-hanging fruit” (i.e. accounts that are easy to collect on) so that they can collect their commissions faster. This prioritization in collections is known as “Creaming”. If a collection agency operates in this matter, it may mean that your larger or more complex cases may get neglected.

For this reason, Debtor Inspector’s outsourced Account Receivable Services does not operate on a commission basis.

If you’re interested in using Debtor Inspector as an AR extension of your business or to supplement your current AR team’s efforts, please contact us to learn more about the different ways we can assist you.

Yes. If you wish to purchase one of our reports, you must create an account via our Client Portal.

Report requests via email or phone will not be honored.

Once you create an account, you can access it anytime.

To create an account, please click on the Client Portal link found on the grey bar at the top of our website.

If you encounter any issues in trying to create or access your account, please Contact Us.

Debtor Inspector is designed as a cost-effective “DIY” (aka “Do-It-Yourself”) solution for anyone who wishes to investigate a Debtor, Individual, or Company.

However, you don’t have to go at it alone if you don’t want to.

Unlike enterprise debt collection intelligence providers who will put you on hold for hours and/or transfer you to a representative overseas, Debtor Inspector‘s 100 % U.S.-based support team is available to answer any questions you may have.

If you are looking for ongoing support services with your investigations or are interested in an outsourced Accounts Receivable solution, we can help.

Please Contact Us to learn more.

Debtor Inspector has been in the debt-collection intelligence business for over 20 years.

During this time we have been able to compile and verify real-time debt collection intelligence data from over 200 public and private sources.

As a result, we can provide data on millions of individuals (including under-banked and low-credit score consumers) and businesses. We then consolidate this information into easy-to-read reports and also offer individualized support services to anyone who needs assistance on their investigative journey.

Unlike other customer-service teams at enterprise-level data providers, Debtor Inspector’s dedicated support team is 100 % U.S.-based. This means you won’t be on hold for hours while you are transferred to a representative overseas.
While we know our data is comprehensive and accurate, we believe that intel is only as good as the strategy, experience, and execution behind it.
Our team consists of veteran investigators who have decades of experience and who are ready to help you with all your investigative needs.

Debtor Inspector can cater to any industry that is looking to locate a Debtor, Individual, or Company.

That being said, there are industries that we service more than others.

To view the industries we cater to the most, please visit our People and Industries Page.

No, Debtor Inspector is not free.

While some of the information in our reports is publicly available, it still costs money to develop a platform that can quickly identify and verify relevant information and compile it into easy-to-navigate reports.
You could attempt to find all the public information you’re looking for by yourself however, it will take hours of your time even if you know what to look for.

So, we’ve “done the work so you don’t have to” in order to save you both time and money.

If you’d like more information on the cost of our reports, please visit our Pricing Page.

Yes, Debtor Inspector allows for maiden name searches to be performed.