People And Industries

Debtor Inspector works with both individuals, and businesses.

No matter what your industry, if you are looking to reduce your risk in doing business with another entity, or are looking to collect money that is owed to you, we can help.

Listed below are the industries we most commonly work with.
If you don’t see your industry listed, please feel free to Contact Us and we will gladly inform you if we can provide you with assistance.

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Servicing creditors on a daily basis requires both support and pricing that suits your needs. If you’re looking for a partner who understands the FDCPA and other applicable laws, look no further.

As an agency, you need to continually get creative and stay up to date with the latest collection techniques. Let Debtor Inspector be your go-to knowledge broker.

Debt collection is your business. If you’re in need of more resources or are interested in hiring a provider who can act as an extension of your team, we can help.

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Debtors who commit insurance fraud are sometimes the most complex cases to tackle. Our Skip Tracing and Asset Search reports can help you to combat fraudulent activities.

Tracking down individuals who have gone into hiding is no easy task. With our Skip-Trace, Asset Search, and Address Verification Services, we can help you locate those people who don’t want to be found.

Before working with an indemnitor/bond principal, you need to do your “due diligence”. Our reports can help you research and investigate potential indemnitor/bond principals and instill trust in your principals.

Other Industries We Have Catered To

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Buy Here-Pay Here Automotive Sales

a judge's gavel

Judgment Debtor Purchasers

two men going over a contract

Consumer Debt Purchasers

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Music Stores That Rent Instruments

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credit union building

Credit Unions

neon payday loans sign

Online And Brick And Mortar Payday Loans

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Auto Title Loan Companies

black and white jail cells

Bail Bonds

Want to know how we can work with your industry?