“The customer service has been excellent. I would say that is number one. Their report portal, the security, and ease of use on the technical side are outstanding."
testimonial - Lou Andritz Information System Manager
Lou Andritz
Information System Manager
We ran a full Skip Trace Report and identified the location of an individual who had fled the state after we secured a civil judgment for over $500,000.

Over several years, our private investigator made numerous attempts to locate the debtor using various department resources and outside sources, including all three credit bureaus and skip trace companies. Each time there was no success.

When we heard that Debtor Inspector has the largest database of low-credit score and underbanked consumers, we immediately signed up and ran their complete skip trace report. Within one week of reviewing the information they provided, we were able to locate our customer and secure a payment plan with a promissory note.

We continue to use debtorinspector.com for all our skip trace and asset search needs.
Thanks be to you and your staff.
testimonial - Frank Carmen CEO
Frank Carmen
"Skip tracing in debt collection — the art and process of locating someone who's “skipped" town — is as old as debt collecting and law enforcement. Some skip-tracing techniques have remained unchanged, even if the technology, scale, and speed have evolved. When it comes to collecting, skip-tracing an account is often a necessary step to make a right-party contact (RPC), and there are many ways to reach debtors today, including emails, calls, texts, social media accounts, and physical mail. However, our collectors don't always have all that contact information in their files or permission to contact debtors via specific channels. The records they receive from creditors, previous collection agencies, and previous searches may also be outdated, and validating current contact information can be expensive and time-consuming. That's where Debtor Inspector comes in. By tapping into their public and private databases, our collectors can quickly and accurately update and validate debtors' contact information to increase our RPC rates."
testimonial - Kathy Rouse Intercol Collections
Kathy Rouse
Intercol Collections
“Debtor Inspector allows my people to stay more cost-effective, i.e., find debtors faster, which saves time and fuel, leading to more recoveries with less cost.”
testimonial - ante Cusimano Accounts Receivable Manager Fleet Services
Dante Cusimano
Accounts Receivable Manager
Fleet Services
"We are able to validate addresses and information against other databases and quickly assign out for quicker recovery”
testimonial - Daniel Bevacqua V.P. Finance Private Consultants, INC.
Daniel Bevacqua
V.P. Finance
Private Consultants, INC.
"The technology and intelligence of Debtor Inspector has made a huge impact on our company. We can update addresses and phone numbers, find place of employment, and know whether or not a debtor is deceased. I don’t think we could be operating as efficiently without this skip tracing tool."
testimonial - Marla Thompson Solutions4Surety.com
Marla Thompson